Hello, we are Firelight! Toggle

Dear Firelight Fans,
We would like to welcome you all in to our circle of love, fun and passion. There will be times when we will stamp our feet to the beat and times when we will be slowly explaining our personal stories in the form of melody and tune. But one thing is for sure: We want YOU by our side to enjoy the ride.
So take a trip to the farm and never leave.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart and soul for letting us share our backdrop of life with you.

Richard Micallef

Richard is the lead singer and song writer of Firelight. Music is in his blood and is something that has always been of extreme importance cause it’s been with him all his life.
His songs express moments of his life with lyrics and melody. He plays the acoustic guitar and – according to Richard – the sweetest sounding instrument in the whole world: the Appalachian mountain dulcimer.

Michelle Mifsud

Michelle, commonly referred to as “the Boss” or “the mother of the band”. Actual she is the sister of Richard, Wayne and Daniel and tries to keep the boys under control.
Which is never an easy task.
She has been singing and playing the piano since a very young age. Her unique and powerful voice gives Firelight a female touch which is one of the strongest assets to their own sound.

Wayne Micallef

Wayne is the main man that makes sure all instruments and vocal parts are blending nicely.
He probably has the most jobs to do for Firelight: He sings, he plays the keyboard, he plays acoustic guitar, he is the audio engineer, he is the main producer in the studio and he writes also song for Firelight.

Daniel Micallef

Responsible for the funny parts of Firelight, Danny is the third and youngest brother of the band.
He is very happy to be presented as the “cool clown” of the band. He grew up with music all around too and shares his passion on the fretboard of the acoustic and electric guitar.

Tony Polidano

Tony is known as the “calming influence of the force”. He lives for playing the bass and he gives Firelight the deep core to their sound.
He’s able to play upright bass, electric bass, acoustic bass and even a little thing called a U-bass (ukulele bass).
Tony doesn’t remember the first time he touched the bass but has been playing professionally for over 40 years.

Leslie Decesare

Leslie provides the audience a reason to move and stamp their feet to the beat. He always keeps the band tight with his percussion skills and does all of it while sometimes playing the harmonica.
He is probably the most punctual member of the band, time is very important to him. Somehow this also reflects on his drumming technics by never skipping a beat.